Building Regulation


Upon obtaining necessary planning consents or if you are making any structural change in your building, you will be liable to submit your Building Regulation application either to your Local Planning Authority or a private Building Control Body. Building Regulations are the standards which you have to follow for safe, secure, accessible buildings.

Express Planning will guide for the process and will work your structural engineer to produce necessary building regulation drawings/documents/details. We will receive quotes from trusted structural engineers for you to appoint and work alongside.

Also, if you are doing any structural change on the Party Wall or building a foundation within 3 meters of your boundary line, you will be required to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor and get necessary consents from your neighbours.

In many cases changing the location of manhole might require another application to your local infrastructure Authority. Either self-certification process or an application to the Authority, Express Planning can assist you for the process.

In addition; if you are carrying out construction or building work, you may be required to inform the Health and Safety Executive and may have other responsibilities under the Construction and Design Management Regulations (CDM). Whether you are managing your own project or you have a project manager the person who is in charge for the construction will have duties under CDM Regulations.