Planning Permission | PD Rights


Planning permission is the consent you are required to obtain from your Local Planning Authority to start/complete your proposed building project. The building of an extension, erection of a new build houses/flats, changing the use class of your property or changes to the existing buildings, usually requires planning permission.

The cost of a planning application differentiates across the UK. Currently, a full application for a new single dwelling or extension costs £462, a householder application costs £206 and a lawful development application costs £103 in England.

Express Planning specialised in a wide range of planning applications. The applications we can assist our clients are including;
  • Pre-planning advice applications;
  • Full planning applications;
  • Prior approval applications;
  • Lawful development certificates;
  • Householder applications;
  • Change of use applications;
  • Residential and commercial applications;
  • Outline applications;
  • Discharge of conditions and non-material amendments;
  • Listed Building Consent applications; and
  • Advertisement Consent applications.